ENGINEER 2K22 Brochure

About us

Back in 2005, the wonders of NITK created a one-of-a-kind platform for creative minds to get acquainted with the titans of the engineering industry. A slew of students banded together to organise technical events, which they collectively came together and dubbed into one great conglomeration ENGINEER, NITK's annual technical symposium. The Penrose triangle, which challenges the impossible in its pristine form, serves as the fest's icon, and as the maxim goes, "THINK, CREATE, ENGINEER". The 17th edition of Engineer outperforms its predecessors, emerging as a nationwide celebration and ranking second among India's technical fests. Engineer has become a kaleidoscope of the exhilaration of various flagship events, racing its way to the pinnacle.

Drone event

In today's world, as technology advances day by day, Drones are the new talk of Tech Town, and so we at ENGINEER NITK are catching up with the gossip. We have asked all Drone aficionados in this mega-tech township, that is our country, to showcase the best of their abilities in designing and manifesting their ideas into the final products; we will then acknowledge the genius that will present the finest of what we are searching for this ending our search and we shall rightfully reward him! So get ready to be blazed by what awaits your eyes to spectacle!


Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. We at are driven by ENGINEER NITK this quote in presenting to you our brand new biz event, Startups. Climb aboard and you'll get to know how people put to practice all those marvelous ideas that pop up in their noggins.


Talent must need opportunities to showcase it, and we at ENGINEER NITK live by this philosophy. We have brought to you the "engiXplor" which is a state/nation wide exam where you will get to display your talent and interest in various fields of technology. The rewards will be as interesting as the mindbenders in this exam!

EV exhibition

Catching pace with the trends, ENGINEER 2K22 brings you an exhibition of electric vehicles! Prepare to see an EV with a battery in place of a gas tank and an electric motor in place of an internal combustion engine. We promise you that it will be an exhilarating experience for all EV aficionados.


ENGINEER 2K22 presents TECHMELA, to assist your inquisitive mind in finding some answers without getting into troubles. We intend to display NITKRacing simulator, BAJA Racing track race, demonstration of top-tier CSD 'Vidhyug' products, and Robocon lab doors.


Previous editions of Chronus featured Laser Shows, Pyrotechnics, Laser Man, and 3D facade projection, among many other shows that wowed the audience following arduous competitions.


Trailbazers, Symphony, Light of the Seven and various other robotic events witnesses a footfall of thousands of people every year.


Technites is a group of tech devotees who are on their toes to showcase what's emerging on the horizon of the technological realm. They are filled with the yearning to exhibit their fascination for technology by designing and building projects.


Robowars is a knock-down format war among bots. The clash between the robots has statistically and statically been eye candy which the enthusiasts long for. We have event Wright Flight, where an electric plane controlled by radio waves can be seen gliding away with flying colors.


Technites is a committee that hosts events and displays projects spanning different domains of engineering with just one motive which is to provide a place for visitors to hang around and have loads of fun.


The annual Tech fest of NITK boasts of some extremely creative events related to civil engineering and architecture. They are a hit especially amongst those who like getting their hands dirty in the physical realm of engineering applications.


We bring to you everything that encompasses the field of Computer Science, giving you all real life challenges, and hands-on experience with some of the hot topics in Information Technology.


Bizzwaves is a three-day Management Fest which had a number of events from different domains of Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Analytics. There were also a few Workshops and Symposiums.

Astro Committee

Dive into the world of astronomy and space with the Astronomy Committee as we take you on an enthralling journey across the universe.

Gaming Events

The heat of competitions makes someone sweat while few others shine. The gamers of a wide range of popular virtual games who fall under the latter find our gaming event an opportunity to make it to the top and claim their space.

Engi Connect

Engineer has given back in numerous ways. In the past Engineer has carried out campaigns on Cauvery Calling, Beach Clean up Drive. Engineer is also associated with a NGO Ashraya Foundation providing the needy. Team Aashraya is a student-led volunteer organization that works for the holistic welfare of all living beings.

Engi Talk

Experts cutting across from multitude of fields of Art, Administration, Politics and Defense to name a few deliver griping and motivating talks on variety of contemporary issues and participate in active discussions with audience, leaving a permanent imprint on their minds.

Pro Shows

Engineer's nights are loaded with stellar performances by world renowned artists. Thousands can be seen moving to beat as the ambiance turns jubilant and exuberant. Be prepared to experience a breathtaking performance and let music electrify your body.

DJ Nights

Thumping beats, pumping fists, loud cheers and surreal energy in the environment the DJ Night catches the fancy of every party loving youngster. This night has seen performances from immensely popular international and national DJs